...devoted to the stray cats and kittens on the streets of, West Michigan.


We specialize in F.I.P. treatments, abandoned neonatal kittens, pregnant and nursing queens, CH cats, and other special medical need kitties. We also work with a lot of hoarding/overpopulated stray/feral situations!


Kittens In The Mitten, Inc.


The only way we can fulfill our mission is with your donations to help fund medical treatment and care for stray/ sick/ needy cats.
Kittens In The Mitten Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with State and Federal tax laws. 





If you would like to adopt any of these angels,


be sure to go to download an adoption application by clicking HERE


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These cats have been through some extremely disturbing things and were lucky enough to survive to share their success stories! 

(SOME of them are available for adoption and some have already been adopted. If you wish to adopt one of the survivors, please go to "Single Cats" below this to check if they are available!)




If you have a big heart, these stories are going to be hard. However, they deserve for their voices to be heard! These stories might help change someone's view on cats and what is acceptable as a morally responsible member of society and pet owner!

These catsare cats who need a special home due to disabilities. We believe every cat deserves a chance at a healthy life full of love, regardless of disabilities! They are extremely loving and loyal, and they just need that special someone to give them a chance!

These are cats who are ready to be adopted and looking for their furever homes! Most of these cats get along with other pets, are good with children, etc. But some may not be, so please read the descriptions on their pictures for that information!

Separating a bonded pair is very traumatic on any bonded cat. The cat will mourn the loss of their best friend, and unfortunately they can become depressed, and often times develop behavioural issues. This is one of many reasons why it is so important for shelters, rescues, fosters, etc., to adopt bonded pairs together regardless of how long they have to wait for a home.





Boo is from Flint, Michigan, where he endured one of the worst elements of nature, an attack from a much larger animal!


We think it was a dog.


Whether intentional or accidental, Boo was in severe pain and had infected wounds that were so deep and open, we could see bones. Boo was lucky to have been rescued but when we received a call about him, we were informed his medical bills might be extensive and they needed to find someone willing to help cover the costs, rehabilitate him, and help him find his new forever home! 


Since then Boo has made so much progress it is unbelievable! Boo was lucky and his leg was able to be saved! The damage will not be permenant. We have also been lucky to learn Boo is extremely affectionate and has some cute personality traits! He loves to sleep in little tents or under the blanket next to his human!


He purrs almost nonstop the second he starts getting love until he is fully asleep. He even purrs as he is falling asleep!


He also loves to nudge his little nose into his human, roll into them, and flop down to give and receive affection or even just get comfortable! He gets along with all other cats and humans and is just an amazing little man! Boo is also still looking for his forever home!


If you think Boo sounds like an amazing fit and you think you can provide the type of home he needs, please fill out an adoption application!