...devoted to the stray cats and kittens on the streets of, West Michigan.


We specialize in F.I.P. treatments, abandoned neonatal kittens, pregnant and nursing queens, CH cats, and other special medical need kitties. We also work with a lot of hoarding/overpopulated stray/feral situations!


Kittens In The Mitten, Inc.


The only way we can fulfill our mission is with your donations to help fund medical treatment and care for stray/ sick/ needy cats.
Kittens In The Mitten Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with State and Federal tax laws. 





Chalsey Schmidt


Executive Director



     Hello, I am Chalsey Schmidt!


I am the Executive Director of Kittens In The Mitten. Some of you may know me from Haylo's Helping Paws and then Piper's Palace, as I have helped run it for the last 2 years with Wendee. I decided to behin the organization Kittens In The Mitten Inc, to continue my dream of helping special needs cats, like CH kitties, FIP kitties, abandoned neonatals, pregnant/nursing queens, and more!


     I found my 1st bottle baby laying in my front yard when I was 7/8 years old. She was a little black kitten about a week old! I will never forget that day! I ran to my mom, we warmed her up, and went to the store for supplies. I always knew from that day on, I wanted to dedicate my life to helping these sweet babies.


     Over the years I have raised hundreds of neonatal kittens, CH kitties and have treated FIP cats. Nothing brings me more joy, than giving a chance to the ones that are so often over looked and euthanized. I have a husband, that thankfully puts up with me and my crazy kitty life style, and 2 great kids.


     My daughter, Ehmeric, is already learning the ropes and is on her way to being a kitten lady for life!! Neonatals, pregant/nursing queens, ferals and special need cats, are my passion and I will always be dedicated in helping to give them a chance. To date I have had a helping hand in the rescue of over 1000 cats. I am thankful for this opportunity, to make more of a difference in our community. I am excited for the future!


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