...devoted to the stray cats and kittens on the streets of, West Michigan.


We specialize in F.I.P. treatments, abandoned neonatal kittens, pregnant and nursing queens, CH cats, and other special medical need kitties. We also work with a lot of hoarding/overpopulated stray/feral situations!


Kittens In The Mitten, Inc.


The only way we can fulfill our mission is with your donations to help fund medical treatment and care for stray/ sick/ needy cats.
Kittens In The Mitten Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with State and Federal tax laws. 





Kokosnuss Needs Your help!!!


A nauseating smell of decay wafted off of her, symbolizing the harrowing experiences she was living through, it was difficult for Chalsey to bear. But, getting her the care she needed was the top priority for us.


It was clear that whatever this sweet kitty had gone through, she was close to surrendering. Koko was on borrowed time.


While being on call for another furry friend that was undergoing surgery at the time; Chalsey received a concerned call about Koko from another dedicated animal rescuer.


They happened to be in the area and were able to get to Koko in the nick of time! In 15 minutes, Chalsey was able to capture her!


She was rushed to MedVet where she no doubt was discovered to have a whole litany of medical concerns. Most pressingly, she desperately needs a blood transfusion and had an extreme infection in her ovaries! 


Kittens In The Mitten was offered help for her original emergency vet stay from the kind hearts at


4 Paws 1 Heart

(tap or click to see who they are!)


...a local rescue near Flint, MI, but coverage for her transfusion is up to us, as well as all other medical procedures, transport, etc.

Time is of the essence for dear Koko. Although not much is known about her past, with your help her future can have a brighter story to tell.


$6,500 is needed (if not more) to help get her through this horrific experience and ensure she has the best chance of moving forward.


Any help at all is very much appreciated.

Let's do what we can to help her to continue fighting.

She deserves it.


They all do.

Donate through our cuddly.com fundraiser and


will go to Koko's health care!

You can also donate through our GoFundMe!

There is a fee GoFundMe takes for their services, but it pays out a little faster!